Ihab Jiryis is a Palestinian Arab based in North Palestine who prides himself on his Brand, Ihab Jiryis, evening wear, and exquisite couture gowns. Ihab’s passion for fashion has been since he was a child, he has always enjoyed sketching designs.

Ihab holds a first degree in fashion design from Shenkar College. He has developed his own Avant Grade label for 12 years now, he felt it wasn’t enough for him, he pursued his studies and achieved two master’s degrees; The first master’s in theatrical and cinema costume and the second master’s in traditional and digital design.

He is also a PhD scholar in fashion psychology, Ihab believes the dress speaks to the audience and reflects our personality, he also believes that the dress identity comes from small details and superior quality of elite finish. His collections have always met with praise and showered with compliments for his unique innovations and designs. Ihab Jiryis is quoted for his manifest where he says “your dress, is your second skin, your natural skin is organic and your second skin should be a royal covering that protects it”.